National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation week is November 4th-10th.  Shelters provide many beneficial services for their communities. They provide a safe place for animals, help to rehome them as well as give owners resources to keep and properly care for their animals, reunite families with their lost pet, teach the community to care about animals, and some even provide spay/neuter services at a lower cost to assist with reducing pet overpopulation.

There are approximately 3,500 shelters in the U.S. that save nearly 8 million animals per year! But how can you help them?  Say “Thank you!” by giving a financial donation, volunteering your time, or donating supplies that they need to care for the animals.  If you have adopted a pet from a shelter, send them photos or videos of your pet enjoying their new life- they love knowing the animals that they have loved and cared for are living their best lives and are safe and happy. If you haven’t adopted a pet, head to your local shelter instead of buying from a breeder. And if you do choose to adopt from a breeder, please do some research on them and make sure they are doing so responsibly and providing the proper love and care for the animals that they are breeding. Irresponsible breeders lead to cruelty cases and more puppies than they can find homes for, which means they end up filling your local shelter with animals as well instead of finding them loving furever homes.

Get to know your local shelter and help to provide the support it needs to care for the animals.  Spread the word about your local shelter by putting up fliers, brochures, and talking to family and friends about all of the good work they are doing, what their needs are, and how they can help to grow their network of resources. A bigger audience increases the capabilities of the shelter to care for and save more animals- and what a great family that is to be a part of.

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