Adoption Transitioning

pet adoption transitioning


Congratulations on your new adoption!!

Just wanted to create a few behavioral strategies you can work on with your two new pups! Please read over the information provided as it will help you to understand the transitioning process of a rescue dog.

Imagine going from one safe and warm home to a cold, smelly, and loud shelter where you have no idea why you were left here. Then, one day, a new and loving family, like yourself, comes along and takes them home! It’s a lot to ask a dog to go through and know how to behave correctly. Just like people, dogs get stressed out and take time to settle in.

Each dog is different, just like people. They handle situations differently and some transitions from shelter to home will be difficult, some will take time. A period of 3 + weeks is normal for each dog to relax and adjust from shelter to a home setting and to realize that they just walked into the good life with their new family.

Another important thing to remember is that, even if they are house trained, they may not know where they should go potty. The best thing to do would be to set up a routine for your dog to go outside and potty. When you first get home, let them explore and take it all in. It’s a lot to take in for them. After half an hour or so take them outside and let them explore that area as well. If they potty, praise them! Let them know that that is what you want. Do this every hour to 2 hours so that you can be sure that you are helping them know that outside is where they need to go to the bathroom. Praise them every time! They can’t tell us if they need to go to the bathroom unless they are in a routine and understand that they can go to the door or bark to let you know when they need to go outside. It takes time to adjust. Be patient and watch for their signals.

adoption transitioning

Regular exercise is key to a better transitioning. Take them on walks and let them settle in. If you have any issues at all we are always available to help and only a phone call away!



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