Animal Care Sanctuary Dog Obedience Classes

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ACS Dog Obedience Classes at Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield

Animal Care Sanctuary, East Smithfield/ Milan Rd.; East Smithfield, PA

Saturdays, October 4th thru October 25th, from Noon – 1:00 pm

Four week classes with revolving registration.

Class fee is $65 for a 4 week class ($55 for ACS adoptees)

This class is perfect for dogs 4 months and older. We will cover basic obedience as well as address common behavior problems such as jumping up and barking.

We teach you to teach your dog using all force-free, family-friendly methods and all family members are welcome to participate in the class.

A copy of your dog’s records for DHPP and rabies vaccinations will be required in advance of the first class and can be attached to your online registration form. No dog will be allowed in class without proof of these vaccines from a licensed veterinarian.

Please contact Connie Dwyer at or call her at 607-206-9889 for more information and to register. You can also register online by clicking the ‘Register Here’ button above.

What to bring…

Treats and Treat Bag

Treats are crucial when it comes to training your dog with positive reinforcement. Bring delicious treats with you to classes. Examples include cheese, chicken, hot dogs, and beef. You will need a lot of treats – more than you think is necessary – and they should be in very small (pea-sized) pieces. Bring a variety of treats as the variety can be essential to maintaining your dog’s attention throughout the duration of a class. A treat pouch is very helpful to carry your treats.


The click is a universal and simple sound that is used as a marker to let the dog know that what they have done is the desired response and that he/she will be rewarded for his/her behavior. Clickers will be provided on the first day of class.

Lead and Collar

Arrive with your dog on a flat collar and a lead of approximately six feet in length. Nylon, cloth, and leather leads and flat buckle collars are all acceptable. Retractable leads will be unacceptable due to fact that they promote pulling. If your dog lunges on a lead or pulls excessively, we recommend investing in an Easy Walk or other front-clip harness.

Water Bowl and Clean-up Bags

Please bring these items to each class and clean up after your dog anywhere he/she eliminates in public

A Trainer’s Mindset

Training your dog takes work and consistency! If your dog lives in a household with people other than yourself, they are welcome to join you in class.

ACS Dog Obedience Boot Camp Class at our East Smithfield, PA location.

More sessions planned for early 2014…check back for details!


ACS Dog Obedience Classes at Mansfield Tractor Supply

More sessions planned for early 2014…check back for details!


  • Diane says:

    I have a 13 week old miniature golden doodle whom I would like to attend obediance classes. I was planning on signing up for the class that begins March 18th at Hhds Tractor Supply, since I live in Hhds, but I see the recommended age is 16 weeks/4 months. Do you plan to host another obediance class in the Hhds. area in the next couple of months? If so, would appreciate the approximate dates and times. Thank you.
    P.S. I learned of the class in the Star-Gazette newspaper

    • Julie Kingsley says:

      Hi Diane. Thank you for your inquiry. I have passed your email address on to Emily as she is the coordinator for the classes.

  • Rosalie Schweitzer says:

    Hi! Do you have any dates planned for a Obedience Boot Camp Class or any other obedience training class that would be scheduled in the evening or Saturday at the East Smithfiled location. I have two dogs that are one year old that I would like to attend training classes but I can only bring them during the evening or weekends. Thank you!

  • Nancy English says:

    Do you know of any obedience classes starting soon at the Wellsboro location or in the Wellsboro area?

  • Kristen Page says:

    Hi, for the Saturday Classes at East Smithfield, do you have to come four Saturday’s in a row or are you paying for 4 Saturdays that can be spread out… like if I need to miss a Saturday?


  • Barbara Ferris says:

    i had sent an email to the animal care sanctuary , and i did receive a phone call from the smithfield sanctuary, my husband and i inquired about classes, was told he would find out if any classes were closer, but never received a call, its for our yorkie that we adopted from wellsboro, but we drove to smithfield to get him, the problem is the classes are so far, we live in the wellsboro area, the tractor supply in mansfield would be good, he is a wonderful dog, we only have 2 issues that we like to be able to work on, , his name is T-Bow,a little 2 year old yorkie,

  • Nicole Guinane says:

    Are there any upcoming classes this winter?

    • We don’t have an indoor location for winter classes, but we can definitely keep you updated as to when our next class will be. We’re checking around Sayre and Athens to see if perhaps we could hold it at Tractor Supply or somewhere else in the Valley.

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