Animal Care Sanctuary’s 2nd Annual Mutt Strut to offer canine DNA testing!

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The Mutt Strut is Animal Care Sanctuary’s largest fundraiser of the year!  It’s a doggone fun day that includes a pledge dog walk and other animal related festivities throughout the day.  New this year at the Healthy Pet Station will be canine DNA testing kits for $50.  This kit will include all tools necessary to determine the breed of your four-legged friend.

Have you been guessing at the breed of your handsome all American shelter dog?  Unravel the mystery of your mixed-breed pup.  How often have you been asked: What kind of dog is that? This DNA-based diagnostic test can give you the answer by comparing your dog’s DNA to over 120 of the most popular breeds.

The Canine DNA kit includes items to swab the dogs mouth and mailing instructions.  Results will be mailed to owners within 2-3 weeks with a certificate indicating your Dog’s DNA Breed Analysis.  This is your proud memento of the make-up of your best friend with results reported in three categories: Primary, Secondary and In the Mix.

Satisfying curiosity and having fun might be what draws you to the test at first, but it’s not the only reason. Trying to overcome breed discrimination?  If your dog looks like a “pit bull” get them tested.  You may just find that they have no “bully breed” in the mix.  They may instead be some Boxer, distant traces of Bernese Mountain Dog, Briard, Dalmation and Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Register today for the 2nd Annual Mutt Strut to receive your canine DNA test at this discounted rate!  Animal Care Sanctuary is still seeking vendors, sponsors, and walking teams.  Contact us today! Registration can be completed via our website or call for more information 570-596-2200.

Register today for Animal Care Sanctuary’s 2nd Annual

Mutt Strut Dog Walk & Fun Fest!



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