Hi I’m Clark Kent, Adopt Me!


Clark Kent   

Meet Clark Kent!!

Clark Kent is searching for Lois Lane

Prior to fighting crime at ACS, Clark was protecting a shelter in NJ from General Zod.  He is a super sweet boy who can save your heart from the evil villains, AND he still has time to stop and smell the roses.  Once he finds her, he will bathe Lois Lane in sloppy kisses.  He hopes that she has found some new and interesting toys on her journalistic endeavors, because this man of steel acts like a young pup when presented with new toys!  Clark strongly believes that other four legged creatures work for Lex Luthor so he would prefer a home without them.  Due to episodic exposure to kryptonite inflicted upon him by strangers, he may take some time to warm up.  Let this sweet, goofy, super dog be the superhero of your life.  He is more than ready to be a part of your next mission.

Clark Kent’s adopter must be at least 18 years old with valid state-issued identification. ACS encourages family members to participate in the adoption process, especially children, and family pets. Please visit ACS’s web site for information on adoption and to view more cute canines.

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The AnimalCare Sanctuary is a platinum-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating commitment to transparency.
The AnimalCare Sanctuary is a platinum-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating commitment to transparency.


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