Renal Rescue

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by Jill Elston, LVT

                Old age brings a lot of experience. Unfortunately, it also brings some problems. One common problem in senior dogs and cats is kidney disease. Right now, Animal Care Sanctuary is home to two very special senior dogs with kidney disease.

Gage is a twelve year old American Bulldog mix. His owner was in the military and could no longer care for him. He was cared for by a family member for a little while, then surrendered to Bradford County Humane Society and eventually ended up at Animal Care. Gage can best be described as a big goof. He loves being around people and is very playful and he seems unaware of his health issues. While he is very happy, he is being treated with some very expensive medications and must be fed and expensive diet. He takes Azodyl (a renal supplement) twice a day, a total of 3 capsules. This costs $32.00 for a bottle of 60 pills, about $0.53 per pill, and about $1.59 per day. His food, Royal Canin’s LP kidney diet, costs about $53.50 a month. He also gets two tablespoons of aluminum hydroxide gel a day to help remove the excess phosphorus from his body that his kidneys cannot filter. The gel is $4.00 for a 16 ounce bottle. All in all, Gage needs help. He needs someone to be his personal hero and sponsor his expensive lifestyle. What he would really love is a home of his own, but until he finds his forever family, a sponsor would make a big difference.

Java is a nine year old shelter dog who also has kidney disease. He came to Animal Care from another rescue. Unfortunately we know very little about his life before becoming a shelter dog. While Gage is a goofy, happy go lucky personality, Java has a quiet dignity to him. He enjoys human companionship and would make a great friend for someone looking for a calm, older gentleman of a dog. Like Gage, Java takes three capsules of Azodyl a day and eats the Royal Canin kidney diet. Though his long term goal is to find his very own forever home, Java would be very happy to have a sponsor for his time at ACS.

Both of these boys are loved by the canine care staff, as well as other members of ACS. Everyone would love for a special person to open their hearts, look past the age and give these sweethearts what they really deserve. The vet staff at ACS would be happy to discuss Java and Gage with anyone looking to sponsor, foster or adopt either dog. We can give you an idea of how to help and what would be necessary as far as continued medical care, should you be interested in taking one of these guys home.

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