As a no- kill sanctuary who only started adopting out our animals 10 years ago, Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS) has had some pretty long- term residents. Our longest- stay dog has been in our custody for 9 years, with the average length of stay coming to 2 years. ACS is fortunate enough to have wonderful, caring people on staff who work with the dogs daily to make their stay as pleasant as possible but an you imagine what living in a kennel for that long would do to you? The noise of all the other dogs barking, only being able to get out a couple of times during the day and spending your nights alone in a run is definitely not the ideal situation, but is reality for these dogs for way too long.

So how do we make it so that these dogs don’t have to sit here for so long? Adoption is the easy answer- but how do we help these guys who have been here a while and are a little wary of new people get noticed?

Fosters are the answer. In a foster home, a dog can take a break from the chaos, noise, and loneliness of kennel life and relax back into their true selves. They can let their guard down about new people and show you how loving and happy they can really be once they are in the safety and calm of real home. And that is where we get the amazing marketing materials that will capture adopters’ attention and convince them to take them home.

So how do we know this is really the answer? Anton. Anton came to ACS in 2013 as a relatively normal dog. He absolutely loved people, but he didn’t care too much for other animals and wanted to rule the roost in a home all to himself. Unfortunately, that made it harder to find him the right match. He was getting looked over because adopters wanted more than one animal and he started to meet new people less and less. As time went on, he forgot how to meet them and started to take some time to warm up to them.

After 5 years of being in the kennel, Anton was lucky enough to catch the attention of Marc Feldman. Marc wanted to help this sweet guy out so he spent a few days with him in a home environment letting him take a break from the kennel and bond with a new human. He not only gave Anton all the love he had during this time, but he also took some great pictures. My personal favorite being one where Anton is kissing him on the face. You tell me which picture would make you fall more in love with this dog:

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Yes, he looks beautiful in the first and it is truly a great picture, but that doesn’t show you what your home life would look like or all of the love that he has to give. We posted the second picture onto social media and had an application for Anton within 3 days. Not even a week later, this handsome guy was finally able to go home. That’s right, a dog that had been stuck at ACS for 5 years was able to go home in a week with just one picture.

We’ve got plenty more dogs who are waiting for this same opportunity- please apply online to foster- even just for one night- and give these sweethearts a chance to find their furever as well.


Here’s a link the application:


~Emily Shaffer, Adoption/Foster Coordinator


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