Korean Dogs Rescued at ACS

ACS helps HSI rescue 100+ Dogs From S. Korean Meat Farm

EAST SMITHFIELD — Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS) on Thursday morning accepted 11 dogs that were saved from a South Korean meat farm by Humane Society International (HSI).

The canines were among over 100 rescued by HSI, which coordinated the effort with ACS and more than seven other animal shelters across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.

Dog in Kennel at Animal Care Sanctuary
“Rescuing animals from suffering and neglect is as important as ever,” said Kitty Block, CEO of Humane Society International and president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. “Thanks to the hard work of our staff and partners — both in Korea and the U.S. — these dogs will now have the happy lives they deserve: with families who love them.”

Sixty of the dogs arriving in the United States were rescued from a single dog meat farm by HSI in May (the remaining dogs from that farm are scheduled to go to Canada). This was the 16th farm the organization has helped to close since 2015. The dogs stayed in a temporary shelter in South Korea until modification of travel restrictions made it possible for HSI to bring them to the United States.

ACS Chief Executive Officer Joan Smith-Reese said, as a Humane Society emergency placement partner, being part of the rescue operation has been huge opportunity to give these canines a chance at a happy life.

“These were dogs that, a few months ago, were slated to be served on the dinner table,” she stated. “We are helping give them a shot at being a regular dog in a loving home.

Girl holding rescued dog
“Pets know no borders,” Smith-Reese continued. “From the surrenders that we accept locally to the rescues from high-kill shelters in the South to the dogs saved internationally from situations such as meat farms, it’s all part of our mission to save animals and find them happy, forever homes.”

While dog meat is eaten in several countries in Asia, South Korea is the only country that farms dogs for human consumption on a large scale, according to HSI. An estimated 2 million dogs a year are reared on thousands of dog meat farms across the country. The conditions on these farms are horrific – most dogs live their entire lives in barren wire cages without adequate shelter or veterinary care until they are brutally slaughtered, usually by electrocution or hanging.

HSI’s pioneering program works with Korean dog farmers to rescue their dogs and transition the farmers to more humane and profitable livelihoods. The farmers sign a 20-year contract, stipulating they will not breed dogs or any animals, and the cages are demolished to ensure that no animals will suffer on the property in future.

These 11 dogs are currently being assessed by our veterinary and canine staff to see when they’ll be ready for adoption. For more information and interviews, contact Joan Smith-Reese at 570-596-2200 or jsmithreese@animalcaresanctuary.org


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