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Thank you for choosing to adopt your next pet! Not only are you giving a deserving animal a loving home, you are helping to save the lives of many other pets in our community and beyond. Animal Care Sanctuary strives to provide an adoption experience that considers the needs and lifestyles of both the adopter and the pet. Our Adoptions Team works with prospective families to ensure happy, successful adoptions that last a lifetime.

Adoption Fees

The fees for adopting animals help us provide medical care, food, shelter, and enrichment for the animals in our care. Your pet will come to you spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped.


Kittens (8 weeks to 7 months): $85
Adults (7 months to 7years): $70 
Seniors (7 years and older): $25



Puppies (8 weeks to 6 months old): $340
Adult (7 months to 6 years): $190
Mature Adult Senior/Special Needs (7 years and older): $100

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Before falling in love with one of our animals, please:

  • Be 21 years of age.
  • Be certain you are allowed to have an animal at your residence.
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide the training, medical treatment, and proper care for the animal through the course of the animal’s life.
  • Be committed to making this pet part of your family.
  • Be sure your current pets are up to date on state required vaccinations and are spayed or neutered.
  • We strongly recommend that all family members who will be living with the pet, meet the pet prior to adoption.
  • Adoptable dogs must be introduced to dogs already living in the home to ensure the best match.
  • In addition, please check local ordinances to find out whether your city, town, or village enforces limits on the number of pets in one household.

The Adoption Process

Check out our website to see who you’re interested in, when you find someone you like please put in an application.

Once the application is completed, give us up to 48 hours to process it and give you a call back.

Once we call you we will ask a few questions. we want to get to know you, what kind of animal you’re looking for and what will best fit you and your family.

As soon as we have a good idea of what you’re looking for we will set you up with an appointment.

We do adoption appointments Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

If you decide on an animal, we do same day adoptions so please come prepared with either a carrier for a cat or collar and leash for a dog.

If you have any questions, please call East Smithfield at 570-596-2200 .

Animal Care Sanctuary encourages those who cannot travel to ACS to contact a nearby shelter or rescue to adopt a local pet who needs a home.

A Little Time

Please plan on spending at least one hour for the adoption process.

We are confident that you’ll agree that this small investment of time will be well worth the years of enjoyment that will result from finding the perfect match.


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ACS needs your help to save more lives!
Together we can make a difference.


Dog rehoming and behavioral questions
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Cat rehoming and behavioral questions
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