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ACS Transport Program Delivers Spay/Neuter Services To Over 1,200 Animals 

Access to affordable veterinary care for companion animals is something that many take for granted; however, is an obstacle for many, particularly in rural areas, in what is known as a “veterinary desert.” Essentially, there are either too few veterinary clinics, or they are too far away for people to have ready access to them. At the Animal Care Sanctuary, we began our spay/neuter/rabies vaccination transport program in the fall of 2019. Currently, our transport van goes to predesignated areas in NY & PA once a week to pick up the dogs & cats, transporting them to the Animal Care Sanctuary clinic for low-cost spay/neuter/rabies care returning animals to their homes once services are completed. This program is of particular benefit to the elderly, handicapped, and those without the luxury of transportation or time away from work to provide care for their companion animal.
Since the program’s start, over 1,200 animals have received spay/neuter through our transport program. We have transported cats from Troy and Dushore, Pa as well as from neighboring counties across NY. We have helped Delaware Valley Humane Society with their rescued, shelter animals. We have partnered with All Animals Matter In NY, an organization that helps both the feral cat population, and owned cats whose owners may have financial restraints when it comes to paying for vet care. Most recently, we began a partnership with the Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans nonprofit, to provide spay/neuter for cats in Oneonta, NY.

We’d like to thank all of our partners, as well as Tioga Downs Casino for helping provide funding for this program to-date.

We will continue to seek grant funding to both sustain and expand our existing program. The popularity of this program is greater than expected when launched in 2019. We continue to meet with our community representatives for feedback on the program. The feedback overwhelmingly shows the need to expand the program to increase the frequency of transports, expand the geographical coverage areas as well as include vaccinations/flea & tick treatment/ heartworm treatment, basic wellness in addition to spay/neuter surgery and rabies vaccinations.

For over 54 years Animal Care Sanctuary has aspired to be a center of excellence in animal care and provide care and comfort to animals. The spay/neutered animals will no longer be able to reproduce, which helps to reduce overpopulation and animal homelessness. These animals receive vaccinations that prevent treatable diseases. More residents have access to the low-cost services necessary to take responsibility for their pet’s heath needs. This program helps reduce owner surrender of pets due to inability to pay for veterinary care for companion animals. The program is simple in nature but has allowed us to meet people where they are, knocking down barriers to subsidized, affordable, accessible care that so many in larger cities take for granted.


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