Adopting a dog is very exciting for both you and your new pup, however, if the proper steps aren’t taken it can become stressful for your dog and make the process very difficult on you.

Don’t bombard your dog with too much at once.

You want to take your dog home to a fun and exciting place, however having a Coming Home party for your pup may not be such a good idea. It’s important to remember that your dog just spent a lot of time locked up in a giant cage with little to no stimulation. It can be very stressful for him to go home to too much noise and commotion. Take things slow with him. Slowly introduce him to potentially stressful sounds or situations such as vacuums, music, tv and maybe even carrides. Be sure that, especially if your dog has stranger issues, you are introducing him to people gradually and few at a time. You are all that he knows, so go slow and comfort him along the way.

Be patient with your dog.

Your pup spent much time, maybe his whole life, in a setting that is nothing like an actual home. He may not know what couches, vacuums, trash cans, beds or shoes are or what he is supposed to do with them! For his time in the kennel, he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with the few items he was given in his run. It may become very stressful at times if he is dragging trash across your house or chewing up your favorite sneakers, but try to be patient with him and understand that he just doesn’t know better. It may be easiest to make it so he cannot get to these things by using crates, baby gates or even giving him his own room while you’re away. It is important to keep it positive. He doesn’t know he is doing wrong and punishing him may lead to him having a bad association with being home and misbehaving even more. Be sure to give him a lot of positive reinforcement when he is being good, and stay calm when he is not.

Bringing home your new pup should be an exciting time for the both of you! Just be loving, patient and understanding with him. If you have any further questions please contact our behaviorist Sara Hamburger 570-529-2200 ext. 7!


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