Canine Caravan Make 1,000 Mile Journey To Safety To The Animal Care Sanctuary

Yesterday six doggos made the journey from Sullivan County Animal Shelter in TN to ACS! Traveling through four states, with nine legs of the journey & close to 15 volunteers.

After a yearlong partnership & 50 dogs transferred, we finally met our rescue partner Eva Brandenburg & foster extraordinaire Debbie Owen.

This epic rescue trip happens every week and couldn’t be done without amazing volunteers who are giving these dogs a chance at a beautiful life, while making space for more in need!

Check out the journey below. Apply to adopt or foster today. If you’re interested in driving get in touch with us!


Check out the video!

Here’s the rest of the story:

Businesses may be shutting down and people may be staying out of the public, but shelter dogs still need to find new homes.

On Thursday, Animal Care Sanctuary took in six more dogs that made the near-1,000 mile journey from Tennessee thanks to the efforts of numerous volunteers across multiple states.

Specifically, the six canines were transported to the shelter through a team of drivers and coordinators from an overcrowded shelter from Tennessee.

The dogs were switched to new vehicles approximately 10 times over the total course of the journey until they finally reached their new, and hopefully temporary, home at ACS.

“We’re partnered with a Sullivan County shelter that helps us with this program to vet dogs at an overcrowded shelter and bring them up here where we have more room,” ACS’s Rachel Rossiter said. “These dogs have stayed at foster homes before coming up here, so we know they’re great dogs.”

ACS has been bringing in canines through the transportation program since May, and have now accepted 49 dogs since that time.



According to coordinator Eva Brandenburg, volunteers throughout the journey’s course agree to take the dogs up to about two hours worth of the trip towards their destination. Those drivers meet with other volunteers at a certain point, and the dogs are transferred to those vehicles for the next leg of the trip.

“It’s really amazing that these volunteers take sometimes up to four hours out of their day just to transport these dogs,” Rossiter said. “They do so much to help these little guys out.”

Brandenburg, who usually coordinates the trips but this time actually traveled the whole journey to meet the drivers personally, said all of the trips and transfers are monitored.

“We try to maintain constant communication and keep updating all the drivers on locations and arrival times,” she said. “Because you never know when a driver might be held up or taken off course because of an accident or traffic. So we work with them through all of that.”

“There’s no fear that we’ll get lost or lose time,” driver Claire Skinner said. “It’s all connected and coordinated. They do such a great job.”

As the dogs exercised their energy built up on the trip on the grounds of their new home, Rossiter and Brandenburg shared a hug. After numerous coordinated trips and 49 dogs being transported to ACS since May, this was the first time they met.

“Everything has just been so crazy lately, but people are still out here doing what they can to help animals find new homes,” Rossiter said.


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