I’ll Wait

Kevin in his crate

Good morning, friend. What are we doing today? Hey, that’s my leash! Excellent, I love going on adventures. Where are we going? Oh, it’s a surprise, okay. Oh cool, we’re going in the car. I LOVE the car.

Huh. What’s this place? We’ve never been here before. No worries though, new places mean new smells.

Why are you tying me to this pole? This is a weird game. It’s not very much fun. Hey! Hey wait!! Where are you going? Okay, I definitely don’t like this game. Please come back, this isn’t fun. Wait…you’re getting in the car?? Without me? Are you coming back? I’m sure you must be coming back. Who will love you and keep you safe if I’m not by your side? I’ll just wait for you here…

Cars go by. I get excited every time, thinking you’re back for me. It’s pretty cold out here. I have really short fur, it’s not great for keeping me warm. I’ll just curl up here by this pole. I can’t really go anywhere, because I’m tied. Brr. It;s really cold here in the snow.

Hey, another car! This one’s slowing down. Is it you? Can we go home now? I bet it’s you. I’m not even mad that it took you so long to come back.

Oh…it’s not you. I wag my tail anyway. This guy unties me and gives my leash a tug. I hesitate for a moment. What if you come back and I’m not here? How will you find me? But, I’m really cold and maybe this guy is here to take me home. I guess I’ll get in his car. I hope he knows the way home, because I think I’m lost…

Well this is not home. Where am I? I smell so many other dogs and cats and humans. I don’t smell you though. Are you lost too? It’s kinda scary here. There are a LOT of other dogs here. It makes me grateful I can’t hear them. Is that why you didn’t want me anymore? Because I couldn’t hear what you asked of me? We could have found a way to communicate. The lights go out, and then I think the humans leave. I don’t smell or see them anymore. I can feel how scared and upset all the other dogs are. I don’t like it here. I want to go home.

The next morning (I think), the humans come back. One comes to get me from my cage. I’m just so excited that once we’re outside, I go a little crazy. I bounce and jump and try to play tug with my leash. The human doesn’t seem to think this is a very good game, and I get put back into my cage. It makes me sad that they don’t understand how to play. Or maybe I don’t understand. I stay at this place for awhile, I’m not sure how long.

Two girl humans come and watch me from outside my door. They’re looking interested. One has a leash and lets me out. We go outside and I snuggle them and let them touch me all over. I do get a little crazy while we’re out, but they seem okay with it. They walk me to a car. Yes! I love cars! Maybe they’re here to take me back home? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty happy to go with them either way.

We don’t go home. We go to another building with a lot of dogs, but this one isn’t quite as scary. There aren’t as many dogs here. I still get crazy excited whenever someone comes to walk me. I just can’t help it, I love people so much and I miss them when I’m alone in my cage. I get a little too rough sometimes though, so they start asking me to put my face in this weird thing. I get treats when I do it, so I guess it’s okay. They have me wear it when we go for walks so that can’t grab my leash. That’s pretty boring. They also start acting very calm around me, and I learn that maybe I should be calm too. It’s hard because I’m a busy guy and I love to play, and having to live in a cage is just not a lot of fun.

My one human friend takes me for a walk every night. She’s been making different gestures with her hands, like she’s trying to talk to me since I can’t hear. I’m starting to pick up on what she’s asking for. Sometimes when we’re on our walk, I get really excited because I see a car. Even if it’s really different from the car you once took me in and then left, I still kinda hope that maybe that car will take me home. So far, no luck. Sometimes cars take me to a cool place where food is handed out the window though, and that’s super exciting.

I’ve been at this place for a long time now. I can’t hear the other dogs barking so at least I can sleep at night. I have a routine now. Humans come and feed me and clean my cage. I go for walks and visit all my other human friends and they give me cookies and teach me more hand gestures to ask me to do things. You could have done that. I’m pretty smart and it doesn’t take me too long to figure out what they’re asking for. Some days I get extra time outside, where I get to play with all the toys I want. They’re working on teaching me to share, which I think is kinda dumb, but it seems to make them happy and it always ends with me getting to play with something, so I guess it’s okay. One game I like doing is when they hide all my food outside and I get to go and find it.

Did you ever come back for me? I worry sometimes, that you went back to that weird place with all the stones, and I wasn’t there waiting. I know I was supposed to wait, but it was just so cold and I thought maybe you were lost. I haven’t given up on getting out of this place. Don’t get me wrong, I do love all my new human friends here, but it’s not the same as having a couch and a house and someone with me all the time. I still get so excited when I see a car. Maybe someday one of these cars will take me home. It might not be my original home, but I think a new home would be okay. I need a home and a new human. A home where someone can learn all the hand gestures to talk to me, and we can learn new things together. A human who will take me on great adventures, because I could definitely be an adventure dog. A human who won’t take me on an adventure and then leave me behind. I want a human who will be as loyal to me as I will be to them. I’ll never forget you, even if you’ve forgotten me. But I think I’m ready for a new adventure with someone else.



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