Adoption marketing is about telling an engaging story to increase the visibility of shelter animals.  An animal’s biography or story is how people connect and get to know an animal, especially, if they are perusing pets on social media.   The picture or video initially catches the adopters’ attention, but the biographies are what entice them to come meet a particular animal.   In a busy organization with over 300 animals to care for, it can be overwhelming to write creative biographies for each one. 

What better way to get a fresh perspective, than by enlisting high school students?  Recently, seventeen students from Sayre High School’s Senior Creative Writing Class visited with some ACS animals so they could get to know them, and tell their stories. 

“It’s an opportunity for these pets to have a voice, and for our students to be that voice,” Sayre High School teacher Amanda Jenkins said. “We’ve been practicing different forms of writing all year, including creative writing.” Jenkins explained that the students would be writing animal bios that will be attached to the feline or canine on PetFinder and ACS’ website and social media outlets. Print-outs of the bios will also be posted at the shelter, itself.

There are so many benefits to this collaboration for all parties involved.  The students gain insight into an organization in their community and become advocates for the animals.  They develop valuable practical skills, make new friends (both two and four-legged), build their resume, they strengthen their community and have fun while doing something good.  The shelter animals get some much needed one on one time with people.  This is so enriching to their lives! 

We hope you enjoy some samples of the students’ stories as much as we did!  Teylor Cole says, “I just want to write a good enough story that will find them a home.  They all deserve one.” 


By Gage C.

Like all the famous ball players, I got jumps, but these muscles are all natural!  I’m only about a year old so I still have lots of puppy energy. My philosophy is to live like someone left the gate open, being adventurous and carefree. Similar to most girlfriends, if I don’t get my attention, I will pout. I LOVE to rough house! This tail swings just like a baseball bat, but this one swings for the fences! This waggercould produce more energy than a wind turbine if it wanted to.

I’m house broken and very smart. I’ll do a few commands as long as there’s a crunchy incentive. I love toys and treats and am very eager to please.

Think you can keep up? I’ll be looking for your app!



By Brianna S.

Bright, wide, amber eyes, observing all

An owl, quiet, hesitant, timid yet kind

Beautiful fur, soft and smokey

Short and stocky, not too tall

Cuddle me close, it’s time to unwind

Curled in a ball, all warm and toasty

A quiet home I desire, without squall

Loud noises, not for me, not of any mind

Adventurous as the open sea, I doth get lonely

Staring into my crystal ball,

I wonder where my forever home will fall.





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