Foster Family Program

“We find it richly rewarding to work with a foster animal, helping a dog acclimate and socialize with other pets in the home, eating side by side with other dogs, the experience and joys of riding in the car, snuggling on the sofa, and getting used to a normal lifestyle. We get excited to know that this animal is soon going to be placed in a perfectly suited home, and that makes our hearts happy.”

~Jerene, Foster

Our Animals Need You!

For every animal in our program, there’s another 1, 5, or 10 waiting to come in. When you foster, you open the door to those waiting. By providing a temporary home for just one animal, you are providing the opportunity for growth in your foster animal’s emotional and physical well- being. When given the opportunity to live in this environment, the animal will become easier to adopt. Additionally, you are giving our animals reassurance that sanctuary life is temporary, and a forever home is just around the bend. As a foster, you’re an extension of our shelter. We will support you with training, supplies, medical care and will be there to help when you need us. We simply ask that you supply a home filled with love.If you are interested in becoming a foster, apply online today to join our team! If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Terri McKendry- or 570-596-2200 x106

A Foster Care Success Story

Some dogs and cats don’t do well in the shelter environment. Having a foster program, gives them alternative housing, to help improve their emotional and physical well-being to get them ready to find their forever homes.

Here is one of our foster success stories.

You will be required to provide:

Dogs:   Cats:
Food and water bowls Food and water bowl
Blankets and toys
Consistent daily training Blankets and toys

But most importantly, both cats and dogs will need as much love as you can give them.

Provided for you:



All vet care including spay/neuter, vaccines, microchip, and initial flea treatment

“Adopt Me” bandana or vest

Collar, harness, and leash

Basic professional training advice

Business cards and profile of pet’s information


18 yrs or older

Certain you can have an animal at your residence

Current pets up to date on state required vaccinations and are spayed or neutered

Dogs must be introduced to your other dogs before being placed

Please check local ordinancwes about the number of pets allowed in your home.

How a Foster Makes An Impact:

Improves the emotional and physical well- being of our dogs and cats

Decreasing the length of an animal’s stay in the sanctuary

Reach the public in ways that we are not able to do on a day- to- day basis, educating the public about our facility, mission, and the wonderful opportunities offered through ACS

Providing space for us to help other animals in the community and surrounding areas


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ACS needs your help to save more lives!
Together we can make a difference.


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