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Deb Urban – Shelter Veterinarian
Deb Urban - Shelter Veterinarian at Animal Care Sanctuary

How long have you been a part of ACS? Why did you get involved?

“I have been at ACS for 5 years. I came to ACS looking for a change in my career, and I couldn’t be happier. I love helping the animals find their way to their homes.”

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

“I am definitely a cat person, although I do have a dog as well. I enjoy cats’ attitudes and independence, although mine are all very social.”

“ACS needs monetary donations the most, as it is quite costly to operate a shelter and care for all the animals.”
Deb Urban
Shelter Veterinarian

Tell us about your pets!

“I have 4 cats and a dog. My oldest cat, Crow (10yr)came to my house as a grease covered stray. He was welcomed in and made himself right at home. He loves nothing more than to be held and adored. My next oldest is Mayrah (5yr), an ACS adoptee. I knew as soon as I did her intake exam she was my cat. She is a total love bug. My youngsters are Bacardi (3yr) and Ludwig (1yr), also both from ACS. Bacardi is my shadow, always with me. She is also the enforcer of the rules even though she is the smallest. Ludwig was thrown out a car window on ACS property as a young kitten, and I offered to foster him as his non stop loud meowing was a bit annoying to the other kittens. My son and I became quite attached to him and we adopted him. He is the mischief maker and most playful one. My dog, Goose (1yr) came to ACS this May, and was just the dog I was looking for. She gets along well with the cats (a must), and is very entertaining. Her nickname is Silly Goose.”

Sponsor a pet! Tell us about your best friend at ACS and why he/she deserves to be adopted!

“Yoda for sure! He is a gorgeous long haired, gray cat, that loves people and cuddles. He has so much love to give, and would like a lap to call his own.”

What do you think ACS needs donated the most?

“ACS needs monetary donations the most, as it is quite costly to operate a shelter and care for all the animals. ACS could also use the donation of time, in the form of foster families. We always have animals that would benefit from living in a home rather than the shelter environment.”


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