Get To Know Leanna

Leanna Franklin – Canine Care Manager

Jenna - Cattery Manager ACS

How long have you been a part of ACS? Why did you get involved?

“I have been a part of ACS since 2016, when I started volunteering! There are wide range of skills and opportunities to learn here at ACS, and i found what i was looking for. I always knew I wanted to spend my life surrounded by animals, and quickly fell in love with the cause. I started working as a Canine Caretaker in 2018, and I have been here ever since!” 

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

“I do love cats, but dogs for me personally are so much easier to connect with. Their emotions are so very similar to ours, and something about them can always make me smile no matter what!” 

“Their (dog’s) emotions are so very similar to ours, and something about them can always make me smile no matter what!” “

Leanna Franklin
Canine Care Manager

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“Hands down, being part of a meet and greet and watching a dog connect to a person/family. Seeing the happiness on everyone’s face when they adopt their new best friend! To be part of something that life changing is so very rewarding.” 

Tell us about your pets!

“I have two of my own dogs at home! Tucker, a tall brown labradoodle with wire like hair, and Jasper, a little mixed breed dog I adopted from ACS 3 years ago. He was brought in on transport from Tennessee, and I fell in love with him immediately! !”

Sponsor a pet! Tell us about your best friend at ACS and why he/she deserves to be adopted!

“Pictured with me is Golden Graham! He is currently doing so well fostering with our Intern. He is a cuddly, loveable couch potato! Graham is a very friendly but quirky boy, and if you have interest please find him on our website to see if he is a good fit for you! He would make someone a wonderful best friend.”

What do you think ACS needs donated the most?

“We are always in need of more enrichment activities for our shelter dogs! Every afternoon we hand out kongs, puzzles, JW balls, and so much more! This a great way to keep them active and entertained. We fill these enrichment toys with treats, canned vegetables, ( green beans are best ),  canned pumpkin, baby food, chicken broth, and other assorted healthy choice goodies. Golden Graham himself is one of our dogs we need more healthy options for, including all of the above items and specifically mini milk bones! 



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