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Skyler Russell – Adoptions Counselor

How long have you been a part of ACS?

I have been at ACS for just about 2 years! I have always had a passion for animals starting at a very young age, I had my grandfather to thank for that. He sent me to DEC camps growing up and because of that I was always surrounded by the nature and the wild animals. Naturally, when I saw ACS was hiring I
knew that was somewhere I wanted to be. I originally worked down in our main cattery for about six months until I became a part of the adoptions staff. Ultimately, that was the best decision I ever came to.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I am definitely both! I don’t really have anything that makes me side with one or the other because I have a deep passion for sleep like a cat. However, I am a bouncy and silly person like a dog can be! Although, if you ask any of the staff here I am a bit of a cat lady towards all of our cat kiddo’s!

“Everything about my job is so wildly humbling. I get the luxury of talking with every family for the first time and whether it be over the phone or in person I can see their eyes light up the second they lay eyes on their new additions to the family.”

Adoption Counsellor

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Everything about my job is so wildly humbling. I get the luxury of talking with every family for the first time and whether it be over the phone or in person I can see their eyes light up the second they lay eyes on their new additions to the family. I have a secret little ritual before I send each animal home where I sit down with them for second to let them know they are going home and thanking them for being patient with me enough to find them their new furrever home. I cry almost every adoption because all of them are special.

Tell us about your pets!

This is going to make me sound like a cat person for sure. I have my best friend in the whole world, Hawke! He is my two-year-old Golden Retriever who come’s all the way from Canada! We both love the cold and snow so we we’re a perfect match! I also have three cats! Prim is my first rescue who I saved
from being fed to snakes at 8 weeks old, she is now 7 years old and about the width of a small watermelon. Next is my sweet Persian Khali, she was a family friend’s cat before they rehomed her with me due to her stress of children. I have had her for about a year now and she is my little cloud of love!
And last but not least is my William Scarlett. I actually adopted him from ACS after about six months of him pestering me and following me around like a dog. He was a Catzilla here and was questionable with other cats and dogs. Because he was faithfully persistent I gave him a chance. To this day, Hawke and William are inseparable and can’t do anything without being right next to each other.  Eventually, all three of us will hike a mountain together!

Sponsor a pet! Tell us about your best friend at ACS and why he/she deserves to be adopted!

My best Furry Friend here at ACS would hands down be Mia. She has been at the shelter for 14 years! For a time, she wasn’t the friendliest cat in the shelter but since reaching her older age she has been far more willing to be a lovely lady.  I look forward to every interaction I have with her. Since I started working with her months ago, she now looks for me when I enter the cattery. She gives the BEST hugs and she still loves laser pointers at her age. I also love to sing to her, Mamma Mia of course. While she still has her moments, she makes up for it in love. Nobody deserves to have lived here for as long as she has and nothing would make me happier than to see her go home for those golden months. Until she finds a home, which I persistently try, I will love her like she is my own.

What do you think ACS needs donated the most?

As of now, due to everything going on we aren’t receiving the same number of food donations as normal. We are in a position right now where we need extra food on hand for our Pet Pantry as well as our in-house animals.


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