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Happily Ever After

From South Korea To The USA – DeAngelo Is Living His Best Life Ever

This is Deangelo. He may just look like a typical big ol’ happy-go-lucky dog who’s smart and willing to please his loving family. But in order to get this point, this amazing dog went through an unbelievable journey.

Deangelo spent the first few years of his life on a dog meat farm in South Korea. These facilities house hundreds of dogs in dirty, inhumane conditions with little to no access to veterinary care with the intent and purpose to slaughter the canines for consumption. Thankfully, Humane Society International (HSI) has taken steps every year to shut down a multitude of these farms and save thousands of dogs. As an intake partner of HSI, Animal Care Sanctuary has successfully taken in approximately 20 such dogs since last year.One of these canines was Deangelo, an energetic, adorably clumsy dog who, despite his history, turned out to be an absolute sweetheart. Just like his body, his heart was larger than life and was more than ready to be loved after adjusting to life after the farm.

However, upon examining Deangelo, our vet team grew concerned over what appeared to be cancerous tumors on his skin, as well as his rapid weight loss. Because of the terrible conditions at the meat farms, cancer diagnoses, even in younger canines like Deangelo, are sadly not that uncommon. We reached out on social media looking for a volunteer foster with the understanding that Deangelo needed hospice care – that we were simply looking to make his final days more comfortable.

That’s when trusted foster Gabby Cardamone volunteered her home for Deangelo. She had previously fostered an ill South Korean rescue similar to Deangelo, so we knew she was the perfect foster for him. She selflessly let Deangelo into her home and showered him with the love that he deserved and never had. But a few weeks in, Gabby noticed something surprising – Deangelo was actually gaining weight, and his health was not deteriorating at all! She notified the sanctuary, and our vet decided to perform a biopsy on Deangelo.

We were all overwhelmed with shock and joy when the biopsy came back negative. Deangelo did not have cancer! His skin was actually covered in a type of callous, which he sustained on the meat farm, and his weight loss was attributed to kennel stress. Once he was out of the kennel and in a home surrounded by love, he started eating more and became healthier!

Once we put Deangelo up for adoption, he found a new home quickly. His new family loves him with all their hearts, and we recently received a video update of Deangelo doing tricks, which we get to share with everyone!

Stories like Deangelo’s are why we do what we do. Animals are capable of amazing things and are full of love when humans just simply give them a chance. Animal Care Sanctuary will continue to rescue more dogs like Deangelo, and find them all happy, loving, forever homes.


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