Honoring Our Roots & Embracing Our Future

Why A New Community Clinic?

The clinic we were previously working out of was a mobile home located over 200 feet from the kennel and cattery. Our animals, even sick animals and surgical patients, needed to be transported outdoors, often in inclement weather. Add to this, that the Animal Care Sanctuary has some 200+ animals in our care at any given time, and that all of these animals get vaccinated, checked for parasites and disease, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped for identification so that they are healthy and ready for adoption.

Why A New Kennel?

Our original kennel was built in 1982 and at the time was considered state-of-the-art. It was long and narrow. Each dog had an indoor and outdoor run with doors that allowed it to move freely inside to outside, weather permitting. There was a wide center aisle and drainage ditches in order to clean efficiently every day. In the 30+ years since our kennel was built, we continued to see it deteriorate to the point where the dog warden deemed a portion unusable. We know now the needs of shelter dogs are much different. The long narrow buildings with runs have become obsolete. Contrary to the original concept, the most recent layout we had in place prior to the new facility actually increased stress for dogs. Dogs would see, hear and become agitated by many other dogs as well as people through the rows of chain link fences. There was no privacy or tranquility and nothing resembling a home-like environment. The shelter actually produced stress instead of relieving it and led to behaviors that made the animals less adoptable.

The need for a new kennel was urgent! Construction, which we expected to be completed in the Spring of 2020 was actually completed in the fall of 2020. 

Our renovations were directly tied to our growth – as we have built many innovative programs and have adopted out more animals than ever before. This is about our future and honoring our founder Lesley Sinclair’s legacy and vision. The goal of the construction was to make the facility a place where employees feel positive and the public enjoys visiting for pet adoption, pet retrieval, pet owner education, the community medical clinic and other animal services. Most importantly, the kennel now houses dogs in the healthiest, least stressful manner possible.The overall project cost was $1,771,000. We are meeting with Friends of Animal Care Sanctuary to talk about the importance of our project to the animals we care for – both in our kennel and the clinic that cares for our animals as well as the communities.

An Opportunity For You…

if you are interested in any naming opportunities from $100.00 on up, please be in touch with Terri McKendry:

Terri’s phone: 570-596-2200
Terri’s Email: tmckendry@animalcaresanctuary.org .
We want all of you to be included in this long awaited new clinic & kennels to help save more lives.

To learn more about our plans, and how you can help, please click on our Case Statement below:

Donate A Brick

We hope you will also consider purchasing a brick to leave your imprint on our sanctuary. The “memorial or in honor of” bricks will be on a pathway to the clinic and between the cattery and kennel with lush landscaping. It’s a great way to honor a loved one, memorialize a beloved person or pet or show your love for animals.


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