Did you know that most animal shelters fill up during the winter, after the holidays? Did you know that most shelters could really use your help after the holiday giving season is over?

Animal shelters soon fill up in the winter months with dogs & cats that are rescued from freezing temperatures by humane officers or found & rescued by Good Samaritans.  With frigid temperatures and the cost of heating, even responsible pet owners who want to keep their animals, are sometimes financially challenged to feed and take care of them. Add to that the need to shovel & plow the snow, it’s not an ideal time to bring home a new furry friend.

Where pet food pantries exist, these quickly run the risk of becoming empty.  Added to this, is that the majority of shelters experience a sharp decline in donations when the holiday season ends.

If you are looking for ways to help, here are some things you can do:

Continue To Donate After The Holidays

You can donate cash, cat & dog food, gently used blankets, towels, toys, dog & cat beds. Be sure to check your shelter’s wish list.  Here is the wish list for the Animal Care Sanctuary ( https://www.animalcaresanctuary.org/programs-services/wish-list/ )

Donate Your Time

Because shelters get so full after the holidays & all throughout the winter months, they can always use volunteers.  At the Animal Care Sanctuary we are looking for:

  • Dog walkers & socializers for dogs & cats
  • Adoption, Office & Reception assistants
  • Assistance with retail merchandise & events
  • Community Ambassadors

When you are ready to get started, try one of the websites dedicated to volunteering, such as AllForGood.com (//www.allforgood.org/volunteer/opportunities) or VolunteerMatch (https://www.volunteermatch.org) You can search based upon your location, interests, time-frame. 

If you are interested in volunteering at the Animal Care Sanctuary, you can either apply on-line or download the application at (https://www.animalcaresanctuary.org/about/volunteer-2/)

Foster A Rescued Dog or Cat

Fostering a rescued animal not only helps that particular animal get ready for adoption, it also makes room for the shelters to rescue additional animals.  If the shelter is not a No Kill facility, you may also be saving an animal from being euthanized, as many shelters are over crowded, and some can keep homeless animals for only 72 hours.  Here’s the link to the Animal Care Sanctuary’s Foster Program application (https://www.animalcaresanctuary.org/foster-family-program/)

Since most shelters are nonprofits, they rely solely on the generosity of donors to operate. If you are passionate about animals & want to help, you’ll find that you’ve gained as much as you’ve given and then some. 


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