Recently ACS  was contacted by another local shelter to assist with a hoarding case.  There was a house with 40 feral cats inside who had been left alone for three days after their owners passing.  Emily Blade, Director of Feline Care & Jill Elston, LVT quickly loaded as many carriers as they could fit into Emily’s car and were on their way. 

They walked in to find cats everywhere, even in the walls.  The house was in quite deplorable conditions and many of the cats were very ill.  When the staff went to remove one cat from a cupboard, his stillness and matted hair made them wonder if he was already deceased; however, he quickly let them know their mistake!  A pile of kittens were in the middle of the kitchen floor with no mother to be found.  Emily and Jill loaded 15 cats, including the kittens and the matted old guy (now hissing and clawing to express his displeasure) and headed to Animal Care Sanctuary’s veterinary clinic to get these cats the care they needed. 

To overcome their misfortune, these sick kittens needed some tender loving care & powerful names.  Rhaegal, Viserion, Drogon, & Targaryen seemed fitting, because dragons represent power, strength, and good luck for those who are worthy of it.  The dragon kittens required a foster home, since they needed to be bottle fed and were too young to stay in the shelter.  Although our “Mother of Dragons” foster mom was offering all of the tender care possible to these kittens, Targaryen just couldn’t keep up.  Luckily, we had a cat named Lovebug who had recently weaned a litter and turned that motherly charm on Targaryen, eventually nursing and loving her to a healthy and vibrant little kitten. Our angry matted friend came to be known as Night King—his colorful entrance into the shelter made us think at first that a barn cat home might be best for him. However, after only a few days in our shelter, our caregiving staff melted his icy exterior and his true sweet self started to shine through.

 After weeks of rehabilitation and tender loving care, these sweet little floofs, as the feline care team so lovingly referred to the dragon kittens, were ready for their new lives & homes!  They overcame their misfortune and are fluffy little good luck charms for their new families.  Night King is making a name for himself as a cattery “greeter” and is working on securing a new family of his own!


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