Passion For The Cause – Cheryl Meyer

Board of Directors Spotlight
Cheryl Meyers - Animal Care Sanctuary Board of Directors

How long have you been involved with ACS?

“Since 2010, when I was working at the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital as the Director of Nursing Education & Research. At the time, we ran two fundraisers each year for people and animals. ACS was one of the recipient shelters I delivered donations of food, toys, and other items to. I joined the ACS Board of Directors four years ago.”

“When I saw the life-saving work that ACS did, I knew that I wanted to get involved.”
Cheryl Meyer
Board of Directors

What made you want to get involved with ACS?

“My love of animals. There have only been snippets of time throughout my life when I did not have animals. When I saw the life-saving work that ACS did, I knew that I wanted to get involved.”

Can you tell us about the background/experience you bring to ACS & the Board of Directors?

“I have been a nurse my entire career, specializing in critical care and trauma. I’ve also been a consultant in the Broome County area and part of the Adjunct Faculty at Elmira College. I am well connected in our local communities and leverage my background as a Director, Manager, healthcare professional, leader,and educator as part of the ACS Board of Directors.”

What excites you most about ACS?

“Its life-saving mission. We live it every day – not just for the strays – but how we proactively reach out locally and across the country to other shelters. We take animals that would not get another chance if we did not rescue them, and we give them another chance at a good life.”

Do you consider yourself more of a dog person or a cat person?

“Please don’t make me choose! Right now, I am working with a friend (who is volunteering at ACS) to trap cats from a large colony in our area. So far this spring and early summer, we have trapped 11 cats and had them spayed/neutered and rabies-vaccinated. We have another five community cats to spay/neuterand vaccinate at the Sanctuary next week.”

If you have any pets, can you tell us a bit about them?

“I have two dogs. Bailey, who will turn 14 in a few months, is the princess of the house. Thomas (aka Thomas the Tank) is 12 years old and twice the size of Bailey; he’s a big goofball. He’ll throw his toys in the air if you don’t constantly play with him. Both my dogs love children, love to play, and are convinced that whenever people come over to visit, they specifically came to visit them.”

What are the top 2-3 things you’d like people to know about ACS?

“Most importantly, come and see the shelter first-hand. See how ACS works and how the staff interacts with the animals. ACS is very serious about its life-saving mission and our staff truly LOVE the animals. The team wants the animals to be adopted out into good, appropriately matched, loving, forever homes. Also, ACS has been carrying out its life-saving mission for over 50 years. We are working to ensure that it will continue for at least another 50!”


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