Bo’s Bones Organic Dog Treats

ATTENTION: 4 package per order maximum!
Due to restrictions, please do not order more than 4 packages of treats through our online store at any one time. We do realize the quantity picker goes higher than that.

If you absolutely need a larger quantity, you can feel free to reach out to us directly by calling (570) 596-2200


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From the Bo's Bones website:
"‘Simple’ is good. Our biscuit contains certified organic whole wheat bread flour, certified organic rolled oats, eggs from free-range chickens, award-winning NYS honey, and spring water. Whether your dog has a touchy tummy, grumbles about treats, or simply walks away from most biscuits … you’ve found a home at Bo’s. We hear it over and over again — “my dog doesn’t like biscuits. But he likes yours. Send more.” It’s music to our ears. Let us help you make your dog happy today!"