From Broken to Beautiful, Sick to Sensational, In Pain to PURR-fection……..Here Are Some of This Year’s Spectacular Saves!

“The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best. And sometimes… the best that we can do is to start over.”

~~Peggy Carter 

On November 28th, Giving Tuesday, ACS is asking you, to help us raise funds so animals like Vumbi, Peggy, & Jameson can start over.  Your donation helps these deserving animals receive the veterinary care they need to be healthy loving family members!  

Jameson was a found stray that came in with a wound near his right ear that was infested with maggots, in addition to his lice and fleas. He had been living the thug life and getting in fights, so he is positive for FIV, which is probably a major contributor to why he is still here, although he’s not suffering any ill effects from it. He can be a bully to other cats, and with him having FIV we’d probably recommend he go to a single-cat home or with other FIV cats since he does try to beat kitties up. He’s very handsome and can be a sweetie when he wants to be, but is pretty independent and likes to be in charge of his own life.


Vumbi was just a wee babe when he was found as a stray with a broken leg.  His ears were full of mites and he had scratched so much that he caused nerve damage that would result in giving him his signature droopy ear look. After about six weeks he was all healed  and ready for his new life in a home!  He brushed off the dust, (Vumbi is Swahili for dust because he came in covered in dirt) and began his life as a handsome and sweet member of a family!

Peggy Carter was found as a stray who had wounds most likely incurred from her agent duties with the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) during World War II. She had a compound fracture with an infected, open wound on her front leg & a fracture in her hind leg.  The vet team found that to save Peggy, her front leg needed to be amputated.  This was a concern because her back leg was also fractured and they were unsure of how well the back leg would heal after amputating her front.  Well, Peggy Carter has made a full recovery and she is now waiting to break the code to your heart. 



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