“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

― Marcel Proust


On November 28th, Giving Tuesday, ACS is asking you, to help us raise funds so animals like Sun-Hi can experience goodness & happiness in their lives.  Your donation helps ACS rehabilitate dogs that come from egregious conditions so they can experience the love only a family can give.

On January 22, 2017 a six month old pup arrived at ACS.  She was terrified and tried to make herself as small as she could in the back of her crate.  She had just flown from South Korea to San Francisco to Washington D.C.  From there, she was transported by Pittsburg Aviation Animal Rescue Team to East Smtihfield, PA.  Foxy was born in a South Korean dog meat farm.  Her fear was real, and understood by our canine care team. 

After spending most of her life in a dirty, cramped and overcrowded cage she now had the luxury of space & warmth.  Beds, blankets and toys were so foreign to Foxy that she lay on the cement floor of her kennel avoiding all means of comfort.  She did not want to be touched by humans and would only occasionally take treats from our hands.  Our staff realized this girl needed much more time with people than our busy days allowed. 

Thankfully, Erik & Beth met her and we believe it was fate!  They understood that loving this pup was going to be quite a commitment.  They began visiting her two months prior to adopting her, spending hours sitting in her kennel, gaining her trust.  In May, Foxy, now known as Sun-Hi, went home. 

Six months later, Beth tells what kind of love patience brings,

“she has finally settled into our home and is absolutely amazing!”  Thanks so much for making our dream come true.  Sun is a very different kind of dog…and she has taught us so much in becoming part of our family.  It took her 40 days to trust me enough to pet her, really pet her not just touch.  Then she laid on her side and let me pet her from nose to tail and I could tell she loved it.  She would not come in the house for 41 days and we lived May/June with the door wide open 24-7.  I even slept with her outside. 

Finally, on the 41st day she came in the house and has been in ever since.  She loves to lay in the sun and romp, but comes in to eat and sleep and play.  She LOVES to snuggle.  She carves out a little nest in the crook of my neck and sleeps all night with her nose on my shoulder.  She sits on my lap and is always looking for a chance to play with her many toys!  (she also likes to make toys out of paper and socks!)  She is friendly and gentle to all that she meets and has played with other dogs and children.  She holds her head up high and has gained weight!  She refuses to eat dog food, so she is lucky that I am happy to cook for her each meal and loves pork, turkey and eggs.  She is happy, healthy, and very very loving.  Sun took time to gain trust and her ability to trust has blossomed into pure love.  She was worth the 8 weeks of daily visits to the kennel and 40 days of patiently sitting near her as she learned to trust and come seek human companionship.” 

We still take baby steps every day. But we are so truly grateful to have her in our family. There is nothing better than having a little one nestle into your arms…she is the best!  Sun was certainly worth the wait!”

ACS is so thankful for the dedication of our adopters.  We need each of you.  We cannot save lives without you, our Ambassadors of Hope.

Sun-Hi, which means goodness & happiness, is very fitting all the way around: because of the goodness of Beth & Erik, Sun-Hi will know happiness.  Thank you.


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