#25364 was so matted you could not see her eyes. She had sores all over her legs and was stooped because the raised crate she lived for 8 solid years was too small.  She bore 2 litters a year which were taken away to be sold in pet stores, leaving her to be bred again. She has no name.

This is the life of a puppy mill mother and you have a chance to help change her life.  PA has two bills in the House and Senate (Pennsylvania Puppy Retail Sales) right now that can make the difference if you call. Senate Bill (SB) 1154 and House Bill (HB) 2601 will prohibit the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores unless sourced from shelters and rescues, and require advertisers to include license numbers.  Please click on the link below and call your legislator and ask them to support SB 1154 and HB 2601.


This bill will help shift the pet market toward humane alternatives, including shelters and rescues that are burdened with finding families for homeless pets, thousands of whom are euthanized each year in Pennsylvania alone. 


Responsible breeders, who care deeply for their dogs, will continue to provide Pennsylvanians with healthy, socialized dogs. And they will not be impacted by this bill.


“Puppy mills commonly house animals in overcrowded, filthy, and inhumane conditions with inadequate shelter and care. The puppies who survive these conditions are taken from their mothers for sale at approximately 8 weeks of age, when they are highly susceptible to contagious diseases and very sensitive to behavioral stress. Left behind are the hidden victims of puppy mills-the mother dogs.


Notorious puppy mills routinely use attractive, professional-looking websites, as smokescreens for internet sales of puppy mill dogs. Most buyers would never imagine the ugly reality behind their facades. No need to deal with customers’ requests to see the mother dog. The anonymity of the internet allows puppy mills to thrive. Consider this: what could be more perfect for a puppy miller than a web site where sales can be made anonymously?


 In PA the Amish and Mennonite communities are the main source of puppy mills. They will meet in the yard so the customer doesn’t see the cages the breeding dogs are kept in. They will show you a beautiful dog in their home and tell you it is the mother.



The USDA estimated that there are 10,000 dog breeders that must to come into compliance with USDA regulations and obtain a license. It’s now late 2018 and only a very few have complied.

Under the present law, it is legal for USDA-licensed breeders to keep a mother dog in a cage only 6 inches longer than her body. Her paws may never touch grass. She may be bred repeatedly, every heat cycle, until her body wears out. Current regulations don’t even require that breeding dogs have regular hands-on veterinary exams or daily positive human attention. Tens of thousands of dogs are currently kept in such conditions, constantly caged for their entire lives.


Click here to read the entire Pennsylvania Puppy Retail Sales Bill and please pick up the phone and call your legislator.  Your call and his/her vote can make the difference!


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